A Lawyer Who Speaks Your Language

Are you an artist, entrepreneur, executive or attorney who needs help with copyright or other intellectual property issues? Marc D. Ostrow has been a senior executive, attorney and professor in the music business. He is also a songwriter and performer.  Naturally, we help clients with copyright and entertainment law issues, especially those relating to the music business.

In addition to serving creative and performing artists, music publishers, record labels and arts-related organizations, we advise growing businesses and entrepreneurs on using and licensing protected properties. We also have unique expertise in representing classical and jazz artists and businesses. And we offer an Artists’ Legal Tune-Up service, specifically tailored to the needs of creative and performing artists as well as start-ups and small businesses needing basic guidance with intellectual property issues.

Choosing an attorney is an important decision.  The lawyer you select can affect how much you pay in legal fees as well as the results you get.  With both extensive business experience and first-hand knowledge of what it means to be an artist, Marc D. Ostrow understands the needs of both creators and businesses.  He takes pride in working efficiently and creatively, assessing both the practicalities as well as the legalities of any situation or negotiation. And he explains them in plain English.  Whether you are a performing artist, a business executive or a fellow member of the bar needing specialized expertise, Marc speaks your language.

As our client, you will receive:

  • Highly personalized service from an attorney who promptly responds to all calls, e-mails and other communications.
  • Explanations in plain English of what we are doing for you.
  • Immediate notification of any progress or important developments concerning your matter.
  • Creative expertise and first-rate legal services at reasonable rates.

Because we understand the needs and resources of individuals and small businesses in the arts and entertainment communities, we can offer flexible fee structures, including flat rates for certain services including our Artists’ Legal Tune-Up service for creators, performers and entrepreneurs.

Please call us at 917-868-1900 or e-mail us on the “contact’ page if you have any questions regarding services or fees.

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