A Lawyer Who Speaks Your Language

Are you an artist, entrepreneur, executive or attorney who needs help with copyright or other intellectual property issues?  Are you starting or expanding an arts-related business or organization? Do you run a company that uses or needs to protect IP?

Recording artists, fiction writers and filmmakers are among the creative and performing artists we help. We also counsel companies such as music publishers, record labels and arts-related organizations as well as businesses that license IP.

Growing businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals also come to us for guidance on a variety of issues, including contract negotiation, business formation, financing, personnel and licensing protected properties. And we help clients resolve various copyright and contractual disputes through negotiation, litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Choosing an attorney is an important decision.  The lawyer you select can affect how much you pay in legal fees as well as the results you get. Since graduating from the University of Chicago Law School, Marc D. Ostrow has been a senior executive, attorney and professor in the music business. He has also been a songwriter and performer.

Marc’s varied experience enables him to understand the needs of both creators and companies.  He takes pride in working efficiently, effectively and creatively. Marc analyzes the practicalities as well as the legalities of any situation. And he explains them in plain English.

Whether you are an artist, executive, entrepreneur or attorney, Marc speaks your language.

Please call us at 917-868-1900 or e-mail us on the “contact” page if you have any questions regarding services or fees. We’re here to help you.