New Horizons in Snack Food Appreciation

Those who know me – or at least have had a meal with me – might be surprised to learn that I was a rather picky eater as a child. Like many kids, I was extremely reluctant to try new things. My family has still yet to let me live down my infamous statement when […]

Composing for Orchestras and Other Ensembles, Part II: Doing the Deal

Last time, I told you how you can find someone to commission you to write a new composition and how much you might get paid for your trouble. Now, I’ll outline the major deal points in a typical commissioning agreement so you’ll be able to deal the deal once you’ve gotten the gig.  A commissioning […]

Composing for Orchestras and Other Ensembles, Part 1: Getting the Gig

Have you ever wanted to write a symphony, a tone poem for wind ensemble or an opera? Knowing something about orchestration certainly helps. But you should also know a bit about the business of writing these kinds of works, which like great music in any genre, has its unique twists and turns. Pulitzer-Prize winners like […]

Of Prayer, Poise and Ping-Pong

My niece is a die-hard Yankees fan. So for her Bat Mitzvah, I got her some Judaica in the form of a yarmulke with the Bronx Bombers’ insignia and a baseball cap that spelled “Yankees” in Hebrew letters — as well as some Bat Mitzvah gelt.  Services were at Central Synagogue in Manhattan, which has […]

Pouring Out My Soul In Song

Of course, they’re forecasting torrential rain tomorrow. Just when I’ve got my first gig since July. Tomorrow night is my latest return engagement at The Cornelia Street Café in Greenwich Village. I’ll be doing a set of my own songs at 6:30pm with a little teaser at about 6:15pm for anyone who gets there after […]

Was Steve Jobs Good or Bad for the Mus(ic)?

We members of The Tribe often ask if someone was good or bad for the Jews. Often, it was a mixed answer. Steve Jobs’ current legacy in the music business is mostly, but not completely, a positive one.