It Takes (At Least) Two To Tango: Using Pre-Recorded Music In Audiovisual Works

So you’ve made a funny video of your cat that you want to post on YouTube and you think that if you put the Stray Cats’ Stray Cat Strut as the soundtrack it would be really groovy. Now, you know a little something about copyright law and you actually do the right thing and get […]

Stripping Out – Not Stripping To – Music

A few months ago I reconnected with a friend of mine from law school who lives down South. She came to my last gig at Cornelia Street Café in July and we hung out at my Club the next day. Anyway, she inspired me to write a song in the style of a 60s pop […]

The Blog Is Back

Dear Readers: It’s been way too long since I lasted posted anything on my blog. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything interesting to write about in the realm of copyright, music, my cats or any other myriad topics like “why can’t Roger Federer convert two match points?” No, I’ve just been too focused on […]

My Jewish Christmas Song

I’ve decided I’m going to be the next Internet sensation. That’s right, me: a forty-something copyright and entertainment lawyer. Hey, if Susan Boyle can do it, why the hell not? There’s a method to my madness. I’ve spent the better part of the last two decades helping composers and songwriters do what they do, as […]

Whack-a-Mole Reigns Supreme

Dear Readers: Welcome to my blog. I figure since I’ve got one now, I’d better put something up while ruminating on what to post next. So, below is an article I originally wrote back in June when the Viacom v. YouTube decision originally came down. **** In June, Louis L. Stanton, the federal judge hearing […]