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Welcome to my blog! Here you’ll find my periodic musings about the music business, copyright, creativity and other legal and artistic endeavors. While blog posts may be considered attorney advertising, my aim is to write short, pithy pieces with helpful information. Sometimes I’ll just write about something I find interesting, like cats. Enjoy!

The Art of the Bankruptcy Bluff

Bankruptcy. A word that provokes more fear, loathing and foreboding failure than “world premiere” does to certain silver-haired symphony subscribers hoping to snooze again to Brahms. And no wonder when even venerable performing arts companies from the Philadelphia Orchestra to New York City Opera have gone through the reorganization wringer – and not always successfully. […]

Higher Costs for Creators to Protect Their Rights

It seems like individual creators just can’t catch a break. As of yesterday, it became much more expensive for the majority of creative artists, particularly songwriters, recording artists and multi-media artists, to protect their works by registering them with the U.S. Copyright Office. While one does not need to register to obtain copyright protection, there […]